From assembling and capturing, editing and replacing, to mixing, processing and final delivery, ALT Recording Studios provides you with more options for working with digital video than many other audio studios in Brighton and Hove, providing a seamless audio/video workflow experience.

ALT Recording Studios use Pro Tools software for recording Foley, sound effects, voiceovers, and dialog replacement. Choose from a wide range of instrument and effects plug-ins for sound design and creative music composition. Take advantage of a host of single-key edit commands to execute, organize, hear, and view your edits easily and nondestructively. Access the DigiBase file management utility to keep your project assets organized. Pro Tools’ tight integration of digital video lets your perform all your recording, editing, and sound design tasks with near sample accuracy against picture.

ALT Recording Studios Pro Tools suite offers the best digital mixing environment for our customers. Take advantage of integrated multi-channel mixing, panning, and processing, with support for all standard formats. Easily perform intricate dialog processing, noise reduction, room simulation in an instant. Use the Pro Tools HD software with our C|24 control surface for greater hands-on control. The Pro Tools software enables you to move projects seamlessly between the editorial and the mix stage with full compatibility using a single automation system.