ALT Recording Studios are well known as a professional, friendly and high quality voice over recording company with an ever expanding list of new and returning clients. Operating at the highest professional standards ALT offer state of the art equipment and facilities coupled with a friendly and efficient service. From sourcing artists, recording, editing and mastering, through to live delivery of finished audio, every detail is attended to in providing the ultimate solution for any voice over requirement.

With over 14 years experience we understand the needs of even the most demanding voice over session and have the resources to cope with any eventuality. All of our 3 voice over studios, located in an 18th Century Town House in Brighton, offer ISDN connectivity so that we can record in real time with other studios anywhere in the world. Our spacious and comfortable facilities make ALT the studio of choice for many voice over artists.

If you require artists we can recommend suitable voices and send samples enabling you to find the voice you need. We are also able to locate translation services and a variety of foreign language voice over artists and remote facilities.

At ALT Recording Studios in Brighton we don’t only aim to offer the best service available, we also pride ourselves in offering great value to our clients. Contact us now with details of your requirements to see how little our award winning services cost.

At ALT Recording Studios in Brighton we appreciate the difficulty in recording the human voice well. Colouration, be it from room acoustics, excessive compression, poor microphone techniques, etc. can ruin a recording. We hear the human voice everyday and record it for a wide variety of applications – and so instantly know when it sounds wrong, and how to make it sound right.

Naturally, there is a limitless range of post record processing available and the voice can be manipulated to match the exact clients specification. ALT Recording Studios offer the engineering expertise, the technology and the environment for the perfect voice over recording experience and result.

At ALT Studios we will be more than happy to assist you in putting together a voice reel that will accurately represent your voice talent. What’s more, we will automatically enlist you on our VoiceOver Artist Database VOISE the Voice Over Index of the South East, the fastest growing voice over artist search facility in the industry.