ALT Recording Studios most important resource is the people that work their. All our engineers are experienced in many disciplines and are passionate about the music they produce, the projects they work on and the equipment they use.


Jaroslav likes to meet new people and inspire them to do their best. He is a music producer with a wide ranging experience in sound engineering, live sound, composition and creating music and effects for video. With a high degree of technical expertise he is a sought after engineer, known for his professionalism and creativity in all sound based projects.


Keith has been engineering professionally for over 20 years and is no stranger to producing ‘A list’ artists. Having recorded Natalie Imbruglia, The Cure, Bobby Womack, The Lighthouse Family, June Tracey – to mention but a few, his talents as a vocal engineer and producer are well known, along with his ability to create a unique and punchy sound.


Stephen Smith joined ALT Recording Studios after leaving the capital to relocate to Brighton. He enjoyed several years at a London Studio and PA hire company as a Live Sound and PA Engineer working with a whole host of international talent ranging from the Weather Girls to De La Soul. Since joining ALT Recording Studios Stephen has worked on a very rich and diverse range of projects with many different types of artists including the BAFTA award winning animation The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers and radio productions for the BBC, Southern FM and Juice Radio.


As a classically trained vocalist Alex has over a decade’s experience of touring, gigging and recording. He specializes in voice recording, vocal production and singing / spoken technique. Alex prides himself in getting the best out of vocal artists both with voice over and singing voice and works internationally as a communications consultant.