At ALT Recording Studios we pride ourselves with our ISDN connections and our ISDN suite; offering a calm and professional environment, ideal for the completion of radio, film and TV projects; the choice of broadcasters, directors and voice-overs needing to record into and out of Brighton.

We offer full compatibility with all current systems at any frame-rate using ProntoNet LC+ multi-algorithm stereo audio codecs, supporting popular coding algorithms including G711, G722, MPEG1/2 Layer II, MPEG1/2 Layer III, uncompressed linear audio (PCM) and many more.

£85 per hour INCLUSIVE (for ALL clients)

We appreciate that the industry demands that many of our clients require the highest quality of recording to and from studios all over the UK and across the globe.
So whether you’re a director in LA needing a voice in Brighton, or a client in London / Brighton needing vocals from Australia, then our ISDN facilities make it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our broadcasting suite offers phone patch connection, skype connection, real time video connection, running picture sync, etc. and all with industry standard Pro Tools HD recording technology.

£85 per hour INCLUSIVE (for ALL clients)

And what’s more, to promote our new ISDN studio we are offering an unbeatable flat rate to all our ISDN clients of only £85 per hour inclusive – yes, that includes full use of Studio 1, engineer and all connection charges. Best rates and best service guaranteed.

It’s no surprise that industry leaders like Fox FX (Fox Studios), BBC and many independent film labels are on our client list.