Completely refurbished in June 2009,  ALT Recording Studios remains one of the most popular and technically advanced recording and mixing facilities in the South East.

The combination of our unique facilities, state of the art recording technology and award winning production team makes us the best choice for all professional audio needs.

Creative Team

ALT Recording Studios most important resource is the people that work their. All our engineers are experienced in many disciplines and are passionate about the music they produce, the projects they work on and the equipment they use. JAROSLAVAS BOBROVAS BIOGRAPHY Jaroslav likes to meet new people and inspire them to do their best. He is a […]

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Equipment List

Drums Tama rock star 22” kick, 12” rack, 14” floor Mapex pro 22” 10”, 12” 12” 14” 16” Snares Gretch 14 x 8 brass Yamaha steve gad 13” x 4” Premire signia maple 14” x 6” Pearl brass/maple free floating 14” x 8” Cymballs Zildjian a customs full set Sabian hh full set….. too many […]

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Studio One Control Room

Studio 1 is a bright and spacious control room, which can comfortably accommodate eight or more clients plus engineers. Equipped to the highest professional standard the studio has been designed to cope with even the most demanding sessions. In addition to the Pro Tools HD3 system and C24 control panel the studio also offers Multi […]

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